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3. August 2017 — Turning,Milling,Cutting Tools

Roughing without worrying about the cost!

With the ZETAtec 90N, Boehlerit has launched a new roughing tool with a sensationally low cost factor per blade.

The new ZETAtec 90N is all about cost-effectiveness and constitutes the latest addition to the milling programme of Austrian cutting material specialist Boehlerit. A total of six cutting edges maximise productivity while keeping costs low. The high level of process safety and stability for roughing operations is ensured by a negative basic geometry, while an effectively positive chipping angle ensures light cutting. » read more

9. March 2017 — Turning,Cutting Tools

Targeted cooling at the blade

Boehlerit is adding yet another element to its already extensive product portfolio for turning op-erations: tool holders with connections for an integrated cooling agent supply. The new tool holders are available with toggle clamp (ISO-P) and screw clamp systems (ISO-S). » read more

9. January 2017 — Turning,Cutting Tools

Increased performance for turning on state-of-the-art stainless materials

With the new turning grades BCM25T and BCM40T, Boehlerit has expanded its ISO turning programme, making optimised indexable inserts available for a wide range of applications on stainless steels.

Now that Boehlerit has established its attractive and highly successful milling programme on the market, the carbide and tool specialist from the Austrian “steel city” of Kapfenberg is once more setting new standards, this time when it comes to turning on stainless steels. The new turning grades BCM25T and BCM40T fulfil all the requirements posed by state-of-the-art, stainless steel materials that can be challenging to machines and are being used more and more frequently. The BCM40T is a particularly tough M40 stainless steel grade, ideal for use at low cutting speeds and in unstable machining conditions. The new BCM25T is a “medium alternative” to the well-established grades LCM20T (M20) and LC435D (M35). » read more

26. February 2015 — Turning,Cutting Tools

(Deutsch) Meilenstein für die Drehbearbeitung von Titan

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4. September 2014 — Turning,Cutting Tools

(Deutsch) Neue Hartmetallsorte zum Drehen von Superlegierungen

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4. September 2014 — Turning,Cutting Tools

(Deutsch) Boehlerit stellt neue Hartmetallsorte für Drehbearbeitungen von Titan vor

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20. August 2014 — Turning,Cutting Tools

(Deutsch) Vorsprung durch Partnerschaft

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20. August 2013 — Turning,Cutting Tools

Universal steel machining at top level

Striving for more universality, longer service life, more machining reliability and relia-ble chip breaking when turning steel, Boehlerit, the alliance partner of LMT, uses many of its patented innovations in its latest innovative cutting material. The new gradient carbide for the universal LCP25T universal turning grade (ISO application range P25) that was presented at EMO Hanover 2013 ensures a high degree of ma-chining reliability on an extremely wide range of steel materials. The patented Nano-lock TiCN bonding layer safely bonds the significantly harder Alpha-Al2O3 (with better insulating properties) to the patented Yellow-Al2O3 layer. » read more

20. August 2013 — Turning,Cutting Tools

Turning at higher cutting speed on stainless steels

Boehlerit, the alliance partner of LMT, has developed a new indexable insert turning grade that makes higher cutting speeds (of more than 200 m/min) possible when turning on stainless steels. The reliable, heat-resistant gradient carbide of the new LCM20T turning grade stands out with its high stability against plastic deformation. The new indexable inserts are equipped with the patented Nanolock TiCN layer with an extremely smooth and heat-resistant ceramic top coat. » read more

18. October 2012 — Turning,Cutting Tools

Rotary shaving – a heavy-duty machining process

Rotary shaving refers to a kinematically reversed longitudinal cylindrical turning process and is one of the most sophisticated machining processes around. The workpiece is concentrically fed through a rotating shaving head and the process know-how is mostly concentrated directly at the working area. Boehlerit provides complete tooling systems for successful rotary shaving, consisting of a shaving head, holder and cartridge.

Essentially, rotary shaving constitutes a heavy-duty machining process that is usually applied to diameters ranging from 20 to 500 millimetres. With standard materials, feed rates of up to 18 millimetres per turn are achieved today, a rate that is many times higher than that achieved with general turning. » read more