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22. November 2017 — Milling,Cutting Tools

Boehlerit scores a hat trick

Boehlerit, Austrian carbide and tool specialist, is adding three more high-feed tools for the processing of tough, hardwearing materials to its milling programme.

With the DELTAtec 90P Feed, the company already has a versatile milling system in its portfolio and is now adding smaller-format tools. The BALLtec ball-nose copy cutter was developed especially for finishing applications, resulting in two new geometries: one for pre-finishing (N-geometry with neutral chipping angle) and one for fine-finishing (F-geometry with positive chipping angle). » read more

The new Boehlerit material grades MB30EDM and MB40EDM – tough and corrosion-resistant

With the new material grades MB30EDM and MB40EDM, Kapfenberg-based carbide and tool specialist Boehlerit is launching two new grades for cutting and punching tools. Thanks to their toughness and corrosion resistance, these two new grades perfectly complement the existing grades MB05, MB10EDM and MB20EDM.

Tool manufacturers have high standards when it comes to materials: not only must they be tough and hardwearing, but their toughness must also result in a long lifespan. Bearing all this in mind, tool expert Boehlerit has, with MB30EDM and MB40EDM, launched two material grades on the market that offer tool manufacturers highly favourable characteristics. » read more

6. October 2017 — Milling,Cutting Tools

Efficient performance, great value for money

Carbide and tool specialist Boehlerit is now launching a range of new helical cutters for a diameter of 20 to 63mm to extend its existing ISO 90P milling system.

Helical cutters are absolute newcomers to the milling programme by Boehlerit, the Austrian tool specialist based in Kapfenberg. “They really stand out for their excellent cutting properties and high productivity”, says André Feiel, product manager for milling at Boehlerit. » read more

6. October 2017 — Milling,Cutting Tools

VHM milling programme sets new standards

Boehlerit now offers a full-scale solid-carbide milling programme: with innovative technology and versatility, the Austrian carbide and tool specialist raises the bar for the entire industry, all the way to the most challenging machining applications.

The solid-carbide milling portfolio compiled by the Boehlerit cutting material specialists once more focuses on quality and performance, with a carefully thought-out blanks concept on the one hand and high-grade substrates and coatings on the other. » read more

6. October 2017 — Milling,Cutting Tools

Precise edge milling with high performance

Boehlerit adds 18 mm cutting edge version to its BETAtec 90P edge milling tool.

Boehlerit, Austrian carbide and tool specialist, has added a version for an 18 mm cutting edge length to its BETAtec 90P edge milling tool system. Thanks to the significantly larger insert size, this version is particularly suitable for long 90-degree edges, offering high cutting values and an extremely high precision level. » read more

3. August 2017 — Milling,Cutting Tools

Face milling made easy

With the ETAtec 45P, Boehlerit is launching a multi-functional tooling system for simplified milling processes.

The Austrian cutting material specialist is extending its milling tool range by adding another product for face milling applications. The ETAtec 45P is a seven-edged face milling cutter with an approach angle of 45 degrees and a positive basic geometry, which ensures that the cutting forces are kept low. This will please in particular those customers who employ low-performance machines with low stability levels. » read more

3. August 2017 — Turning,Milling,Cutting Tools

Roughing without worrying about the cost!

With the ZETAtec 90N, Boehlerit has launched a new roughing tool with a sensationally low cost factor per blade.

The new ZETAtec 90N is all about cost-effectiveness and constitutes the latest addition to the milling programme of Austrian cutting material specialist Boehlerit. A total of six cutting edges maximise productivity while keeping costs low. The high level of process safety and stability for roughing operations is ensured by a negative basic geometry, while an effectively positive chipping angle ensures light cutting. » read more

10. June 2017 — Milling,Cutting Tools

(Deutsch) THETAtec 88N: Wirtschaftlich fräsen mit 8-schneidigen Wendeschneidplatten.

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10. June 2017 — Milling,Cutting Tools

(Deutsch) DELTAtec 90P Feed: Hochvorschubfräsen und Eckenfräsen mit einem Werkzeugsystem.

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10. June 2017 — Milling,Cutting Tools

(Deutsch) BETAtec 90P Feed: Ein Werkzeugsystem für zwei Anwendungen

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